Florent Jekot

Senior Partner

Who are you?

Partner of Tasmane (formerly partner and member of the management committee of Fontaine Consultants for 10 years). I intervene mainly on strategic transformation programs to diagnose, rectify, secure and/or land, as close as possible to the principals within private companies or large public administrations.

Why are you here?

Enthusiastic and willing, I am fully committed to defining and implementing pragmatic solutions adapted to our clients' requirements. Basing my approach of the consulting profession on an ethical and result-oriented approach, our clients recognize my quality to have accompanied them in making the right decisions on the strategic future of their company and their organization. In particular, I offer them my expertise and experience in IS architecture and strategy, governance and management of complex projects where the IS is the pretext for a profound transformation of the organization, the business or the business model of the company.

What doesn't show up on your resume?

Thanks to the Internet, it is more and more difficult to keep a private and personal space. The "CV" is now available on professional and non-professional social networks, fed by urban legends, mythologies and other "fake news" without our knowledge. Therefore, I will limit myself to two confidences with you: 1/ Vietnam is a country very dear to my heart, just like Poland and the independence of Picardy (so well described by the Fatal Picards) 2/ If my name could phonetically resemble a species of lizard (gecko), it would only be to bring me closer to the King of reptiles in the person of James Douglas Morrison (for the amateurs).