The consulting firm that helps you define and execute your strategies in a digital and sustainable world

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Overview of the Tasmane premises
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Our reason for being

Give you the keys to a successful transformation

New technologies, agility, management of large programs... All organizations, and their leaders, are faced with multidimensional challenges in the context of their transformations.
We form a collective of varied profiles, endowed with a culture of excellence, aiming at getting the best out of your projects and enlightening you on the keys to a successful transformation.

Our ambition

Tasmane provides custom consulting services to help you with your transformation projects

All of our results are unique, calibrated to your specific culture and needs, and results-oriented.
We are driven by two core beliefs:

  • There is no digital strategy but strategies in a digital world.
  • Successfully transforming our clients requires a systemic approach.
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Our added value

Tasmane's responsibility

We owe it to ourselves to be doubly responsible: to our customers by providing them with tailored, impactful solutions, and to society as a whole. In 2022, we launched the Tasmane Foundation to support an inclusive and sustainable digital world, and we take action on a daily basis to implement changes in this direction.