Our Value Proposition

Tasmane's vocation is to enable organizations to make informed and responsible decisions, and to transform themselves in a digital world.

Exploiting the full potential of data and information systems

Tasmane transforms information systems into sources of growth, and helps you "decipher" the complex language of your data to derive winning strategies. Our approach aims to reveal hidden opportunities, optimizing operational efficiency and decision-making. By harnessing these valuable resources, we help you gain decisive competitive advantages.

  • Data strategy and governance Data management, data architecture, mapping and cataloguing, acculturation, enhancement
  • IS Architecture : Enterprise architecture, architecture audit, IS master plan, Infra and Ops innovations
  • Strategic steering Program security, strategic SPM, management of corporate priorities, transformation planning

Agile governance and organizations

Agility is at the heart of our proposition, enabling our customers' governance structures and organizations to become more responsive and resilient. By applying agile principles, we transform corporate cultures to encourage innovation, collaboration and rapid response to market changes. This transformation enables you to introduce shorter development cycles and value co-creation with end-users.

  • Vision and corporate project Business model, vision and trajectory, digital transformation
  • Customer-oriented & innovative company: Customer experience and journey, culture and attitudes, digital products and offers
Agile governance and organizations

Review value chains, architectures and adopt a product approach

We redefine value chains and architectures to fully embrace the product mode, fostering greater adaptability and a better response to market needs. We encourage our customers to rethink their operational models to stimulate innovation and accelerate the deployment of solutions. Last but not least, we support operational teams in their training in the principles of agility and product mode.

Adapting the posture of managers in changing models

The ever-changing digital landscape demands adaptability and long-term vision from leaders. Tasmane supports managers in adopting postures that fosterteam autonomy,continuous learning and resilience in ever-changing environments. By focusing on thought leadership and skills development, we prepare managers to successfully navigate complexity and inspire their teams towards excellence.

  • Governance, culture and organization Change management, coaching, process optimization, excellence delivery, IT organization
  • Sustainable enterprise and digital: Acculturation of teams, CSR plan, setting teams in motion
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