IS Architecture

Information System architecture is everyone 's business: it conditions theuser experience, and is aligned with theoperational organization of any digital ecosystem.
Key words in architecture
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Architecture in adjectives

Architecture is everyone 's business: business lines, architects, IT, general management, customers, employees, partners...

Modular, highly decoupled architecture enables response to market needs over time

Architecture is at the heart of the operational model that implements strategy in the field.

The socio-technical approach to Architecture enables the best possible alignment between the organization and the IS (Conway's Law).

Every company participates in digital ecosystems, and must structure its relationships with the users and partners of these ecosystems.

Your expectations:

  • Efficiency: how to rebalance IT spending to deliver a better ROI?
  • Digitization: how can we transform our IS heritage to address digital challenges?
  • Debt reduction: how to improve quality, time to market and keep pace with the evolution of digital ecosystems?
  • Attractiveness: how to deliver a better user and IT experience?

How can Tasmane help you?

  • "One-page Architecture: a decision-making tool for any transformation (e.g. SDSI), urbanization at the service of the vision (e.g. Product Architecture).
  • "Efficient Enterprise Architecture: the right approach to re-engineering Enterprise Architecture, maturity assesment, transformation framework and governance, ROI of Enterprise Architecture
  • "SI 360 debt": how much debt is useful? debt isn't just technical, real and fake debt, potential costs and gains, remediation and avoidance
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