IS Architecture

Architecture is everyone' s business: it conditions theuser experience, and is aligned with theoperational organization of any digital ecosystem (or future)
Key words in architecture
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Architecture in adjectives

Architecture is everyone 's business: customers, employees, partners, business players, IT players, senior management

Agile Architecture allows to follow customer expectations in the market time

The Architecture supports the operational model that implements the strategy on the ground

Conway's Law: architecture resembles the organization that produces it and vice versa

Every company is part of a digital ecosystem, and must architect its exchange interfaces

Your expectations:

  • SI efficient: how to spend wisely to provide a better experience?
  • Digital IS: how to transform the IS legacy into a vector towards a digital world?
  • More scalable IS: how to improve time to market and keep up with the evolution of digital ecosystems?
  • More attractive IS: how to keep your IT staff and attract new talent?

How can Tasmane help you?

  • ISDS: Business/IS/IT architecture and organization target for the Target Operational Model and the roadmap
  • Transfo archi and orga: fashion and product architecture, governance and data architecture
  • Architecture audit: deviation from the state of the art, architectural and technical debt, architectural capacity
  • Enterprise Architecture: architecture repository, architecture governance, architect organization
  • IT Transfo: new architectures, new technologies, business enablers

Referent profile

Vincent Hanniet
Expert Tasmane
I have spent the last 30 years in IT consulting and services, as well as in software publishing. I have worked for companies and groups of all sizes, both public and private, in various fields of activity. My architectural vision of the IS has grown through my experiences and missions, from the design and development of a software component within the IS, to the architectural alignment of the IS and Data with the operational model associated with the business strategy.
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