Our Product Training offer

A product training experience designed to be combined with professional activity:

  • Learning by doing
  • Anchoring skills in context
  • Support from Product Management experts
Product Management Academy, Tasmane's training offer

Product Management Academy by Tasmane: Product Training Excellence

Tasmane has observed the growing effectiveness of product mode within many organizations. However, to maximize its impact, it is essential to have well-coordinated and competent Product Owners. Recruitment in this field can be complex, and the training market doesn't always meet expectations for these specific profiles.

Against this backdrop, Tasmane and its partner Upskilling have developed a modern, innovative approach to product training, designed by experienced Product Owners and Product Managers: the Product Management Academy.

Discover how our training program addresses the specific needs of the product mode, preparing professionals to excel in their roles as Product Owners.

Benefits for trainees and organizations alike

  • I reinforce myself according to my needs: no waste of time (and money)!
  • I practice in my job context: in 2 weeks, I won't have forgotten!
  • I share my experience with peers within my company
  • My manager is involved in my learning: he helps me to overcome barriers in the professional environment if necessary.
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Learning modules
Typical Tasmane product training week
Pierre-Julien Cazaux

Tasmane Experts - Product training

Pierre-Julien Cazaux
Product management Expert / Consultant Tasmane
With ± 10 years' significant experience in digital product management, I can help you identify the trade-off between added value, feasibility and time to market.
The wealth of my experience (coaching, innovation workshops, creation of facilitating visual management systems, creation of agility training systems, management) will support your skills development or reinforcement process.
Elliott Delsaut - Agile Expert

Tasmane Experts - Product training

Elliott Delsaut
Agile Expert / Tasmane Consultant
My 10 years' experience in information systems consulting, and more specifically in agile topics as Product Owner, Scrum Master and Agile Coach, will accompany you on our various training modules.
My last 4 years of experience in agility on the scale of large organizations will provide enriching experiences during live mentoring sessions.

A tailor-made, practice-oriented course ...

  • An entry diagnosis to select candidates
  • An individualized path for each candidate, based on theirexperience and knowledge
  • A mission to be carried out each week with role-playing exercises
  • Practical work rooted in the candidates' professional context

... and close support


  • A weekly group Live Mentor, led by a Tasmane Product Management expert
  • Candidates' managers and HR fully involved in the process
  • A jury at the end of the course to certify skills
  • The possibility of obtaining certifications issued by independent organizations(SAFe, Scrum.org, ...)

A modular offering for tailor-made product training

Product Vision & Strategy

Formalize, maintain and share a product strategy that responds to a realistic economic equation, in line with the company's ambitions and users' issues.

Duration: Approximately 6 weeks

Product Tools

Initialize your tooling to better manage your product lifecycle and gain in efficiency.

Duration: Approximately 3 weeks

Product Design

Develop solutions that focus on the essentials, in line with the company's ambitions and team constraints (architecture, security, brand positioning, etc.).

Duration: Approximately 4 weeks

Posture & Leadership of the Product Owner

Develop your leadership skills and adopt the right Product Owner posture: tools and techniques for yourself and your team, with the reinforcement of a mindset focused on the team's continuous improvement; impactful communication techniques that respect your personality; keys to setting teams in motion, empowering them and leading them; and the basics of 3.0 management to create and maintain a healthy climate of dialogue, openness, commitment and creativity.

Duration: Approximately 1 week

And much more

Product Basics, Product Discovery, Product Growth, Product Delivery: our team is there to support candidates on all the topics they require and integrate them into their customized product training.

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