Governance, Culture and Organization

Organizational missions make the link between the strategy and the means to be used to achieve the objective
Key words of the organization

Our contribution to theorganization of a company

The alignment of all the company's resources and activities with a defined and shared strategy is essential to guarantee success. Thus, based on a vision that gives the MEANING of the transformation, Tasmane assists its clients in the implementation of this CAP at different levels, in a systemic approach:

  • Talents and skills
  • Objectives and culture
  • Processes and transversality
  • Structure and governance

Your expectations

  • Talents and skills: What talents do we need? How to make the best use of internal and external talents and skills? What expertise do we absolutely need internally?
  • Goals and culture: How are behaviors impacted by goals (collective and individual)? How is progress evaluated?
  • Processes and transversality: How are decisions made? How do workflows flow between roles? What are the mechanisms for collaboration?
  • Structure and governance: How are we organized? What are the key roles? How are they distributed? How are activities managed? Who has the power and authority?

How can Tasmane help you?

Most of our interventions today have an organizational component, particularly in the context of transformation or IT implementation missions with an organizational impact. In particular, missions such as :

  • Transformation plans: declination of the vision into strategic axes, roadmap and operational implementation of the projects
  • Change management: lean, workshops, seminars, communication plans
  • Process optimization: modeling of existing and target processes
  • Project portfolio review: optimization of governance and performance indicators of the IT department

We also assist our clients with "pure" organizational issues, for example the centralization of MOA/AMOA teams, or the implementation of a product mode organization...

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