Strategic steering

Effectively managing operations to ensure that the organization's strategic challenges are met goes beyond mastering methodological guidelines
Key words Project Management

Your expectations

  • Secure the trajectory of an IS program or transformation (portfolio)
  • Implement efficient processes and an adequate organization (program, project portfolio management)
  • Guarantee the link between the issues pursued and the operations carried out with a view to achieving tangible results
  • Facilitate the coordination of internal and external teams

How can Tasmane help you?

  • Meet the challenges of transformation and manage it at strategic and operational levels
  • Propose a prioritized portfolio management process focused on "tangible" results (encourage MVP, POC) and a "tailor-made" approach that guarantees the success of the changes generated
  • Establish a governance reference to align strategic visions and operational realities
  • Maintain a clear, legible roadmap, consistent with the overall vision (adhesions, milestones) by identifying and securing critical work (major transformation projects, financing, skills, human resources, etc.)
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