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Vision & Business Plan

What challenges do companies face in defining and implementing their strategy in an open and digital world?
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  • In a world whereuncertainty is becoming predominant andagility a key skill to respond to it, the company is faced with theneed to rethink its strategy and its means of action on an ongoing basis: the strategy of the goal must give way to a strategy of the trajectory
  • The company strategy is built under the double injunction of digital transformation andcustomer orientation
  • The digital world is a promise of value creation: it is up to the leader to transform his organization to seize the opportunities

Your expectations

  • Challenge its strategic ambitions in the digital world through a long-term vision
  • Putting meaning back into action and engaging in a reflection on its social, economic and environmental mission
  • Understand its positioning and the forces at work in order to envisage the transformations to be carried out
  • Revisit its business model, its value proposition and its operational model made up of business, technological and IT resources and capabilities (Archi IS) to be mobilized in order to succeed in an open and global ecosystem
  • To imagine, develop and equip new processes and practices towards more collaboration, transversality, agility and efficiency in the service of the value delivered internally and externally (customers, partners, citizens, users...)
  • Reinventing the corporate culture through organizational and managerial renewal

How can Tasmane help you?

  • Vision Protocol: Awakening (understanding the existing situation), Projection (Vision and strategic issues), Reconfiguration (transformation plan)
  • IS reorganization: Business/IS/IT organization target to serve the Target Operational Model and the roadmap
  • Acculturation workshops: Digital Transformation, Customer Orientation, Digital Killer, Business Model Canvas, Culture Map, Purpose,...
Cécile Delépine

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Cécile Delépine
Expert Tasmane
For over 20 years, Cécile Delépine has been developing her expertise in Strategy, Business Innovation, Customer Orientation and Digital Transformation. She questions and leads to rethink strategies, business models, operational models, organization, management and relationships with the extended ecosystem of organizations and individuals.
Inspired by user-centered methods (Lean Startup, Lean Change, Organizational Design, Management 3.0), she accompanies managers and their teams, and sets in motion the dynamics of transformation and innovation through an approach that brings meaning and perspective and focuses on implementation with and for the actors in the field.
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