The Tasmane firm

Tasmane is a different kind of consulting firm, free and open to the world. Together, we form a united and versatile team.

Our history

A unique corporate project

Tasmane is an independent strategy and transformation consulting firm, born 20 years ago at the heart of the digital revolution. Data, artificial intelligence, digital responsibility: we are passionate about thelink between technological breakthroughs and changes in human organizations. Our 70 experts, architects, coaches and high-level consultants support the General Management, Information Systems Management, Marketing and Operations Departments of major corporations and public-sector players in defining and implementing high-impact strategies, in a digitalized and resource-constrained world.

After hundreds of assignments, we are convinced that solving problems in complex environments requires a combination of freedom of tone, multi-disciplinary teams and a tailor-made approach, adapted to your organization's history.

Great Place To Work 2024 certification
Ecovadis 2024 certification
Our certifications

Tasmane, a certified Great Place To Work

We have been cited in the Great Place To Work™ ranking since 2019, and were able to renew this certification in 2024 for the 5th consecutive year. We have also been awarded EcoVadis Bronze certification, which recognizes our commitment to society. These awards testify to the efforts we put into the well-being of Tasmanians!

Gender equality is at the heart of Tasmane's priorities: in 2024, our Egapro score is 86/100.

Our offices

Welcome to our home

Located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, we have designed our offices as a place to live, adapted to host a client seminar as well as to celebrate the great (and small!) achievements of Tasmanians.

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Our 8 values

1. Continuous attention to skills development

Encouraging and accelerating the development of Tasmane employees' skills is a major lever for guaranteeing the professional development of our employees and the sustainability of the company's know-how, which is its main asset.

2. Remain demanding of ourselves and seek to surpass ourselves

At Tasmane, our consultants are curious by nature. They are eager to learn, to discover new issues, to build relationships in their assignments and to come away with rewarding experiences.

3. Be sincere and know how to question yourself

Sincerity implies sharing one's opinion and convictions without restriction, especially because of the potential consequences of such sharing. This applies to our clients as well as internally, among Tasmanians.

4. To have a diverse team that really knows and supports each other

We are committed to maintaining diversity within the firm. This diversity is multiple: ethnic, generational, gender, profiles, social origins, diplomas, but also career paths and personalities.

5. Aspire every day to inspire

Being inspiring doesn't necessarily mean being Bill Gates or speaking at a TEDx. We can provide food for thought, and help our clients take a step back in a simpler way, on a daily basis.

6. Build customized and pragmatic solutions with tangible results

If we master methods, knowledge and skills, it is truly our ability to adapt them that makes us different. We design tailor-made methods to better respond to the multiplicity and specificity of our clients' problems.

7. To be all consultants and all builders of Tasmania

We are all linked by our desire to belong and to advance the business project that is Tasmane, which we consider to be atypical and valuable.

8. Support economically and socially sustainable digital

Given our business, which consists of supporting our clients' transformations in a digital world, we have a duty to integrate social and environmental issues into our missions. Moreover, we have a duty to integrate the CSR dimension into our practices.

Collaboration at Tasmane
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