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What characterizes us

The Tasmane formula

Joining Tasmane means joining a crew that wants to do serious things without taking itself too seriously, to move forward together, happy to get to know its new members and benefit from their differences, all in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

We pay particular attention to our social responsibility as a company, from the design of our offices to the establishment of the Tasmane Foundation, working for responsible, inclusive and sustainable digital.

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Our offices

Welcome to your home

Located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, we have designed our offices as a place to live: we do not fail to celebrate our great (and small!) achievements. What's our motto? Conviviality, co-creation and innovation!

Your development with us

Your professional development is at the center of our priorities, which we ensure through multiple certifying trainings, and a weekly knowledge sharing between consultants. A mentoring system and attentive management will allow you to integrate and increase your skills very quickly.

Life at Tasmane

An entrepreneurial culture

In addition to a strong and rapid empowerment of everyone, from the junior consultant to the Management Committee, on the missions, you will contribute to the development of the firm by integrating various "Teams" in charge of specific internal projects (e.g.: recruitment, capitalization and R&D, continuous improvement, communication...) or by carrying your own initiatives.

Everyone is a consultant and builder of the business project that is Tasmane!

Recruitment process


Analysis of your application

Tasmane's Recruit Team consultants analyze your application based on your education, experience and areas of expertise as presented in your resume and cover letter.


Telephone interview

Your application has been accepted! You will then be contacted by a Tasmanian for an initial interview. The purpose of this exchange is to get to know each other: you'll present your background, your career plans and your motivations, and the Tasmanian will introduce you to the company and how it works.


Case Study

The Tasmanian validates the rest of the process! You will then be contacted by a manager for a second interview. This step aims to put you in a situation on a practical case adapted to your profile. You will also be able to continue your exchanges on Tasmane.


Interview with management

The manager wants you at Tasmane! You will meet with the General Manager and/or the President of Tasmane to continue discussions, discuss contractual aspects and finalize the recruitment process.


Signature of the contract

You have successfully completed the recruitment process and signed your contract.

Welcome to Tasmane!
Aurélien Dumaine

Testimonial of an employee

Aurélien Dumaine
What's the best thing about Tasmane? Our freedom of tone in the company!

Testimonial of an employee

Audrey Leymarie
Yes, Tasmanians are real explorers!

Testimonial of an employee

Isabelle Bedeau-Nirol
Every day I continue to learn without being locked into a comfort zone.

Testimonial of an employee

Marwa Boujnah
At Tasmane, each consultant is unique in profile, character and talent. There is no such thing as a "suit".
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Joining Tasmane means joining an impactful and fulfilling company and participating in a unique business project!