Agility and Product Mode

To survive and attract talent, companies must adapt, reconfigure quickly, and provide the means to move forward in the face of uncertainty while offering ever more value. Easy to say?
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Our beliefs on the agile enterprise

Tasmane has extensive expertise in the areas of agility and digital product management, which will enable you to adopt the right culture and reflexes at all levels of your organization. This will enable you to build products that better address the issues they address, that fuel the achievement of your objectives, all in the most fluid way possible.

Collaboration at Tasmane
Understand your ecosystem more accurately, despite its constant change

In order to guarantee the appropriation of your products, it is fundamental to know and continuously update the vision of the targets for which you intend them. You need to listen to their expectations, observe their uses and position yourself on how you want to respond. After confirming the existence of a real opportunity, the difficulty will be not only to produce relevant solutions, in a given context and with a strong operational requirement, but also to accompany them with value propositions and legible offers.

Place the offer, the experience and the quality of service as the fundamental means to achieve your objectives

Users of digital products have one thing in common: recognizing when a solution is relevant and elegantly integrated into their context. This makes experience a fundamental lever for adoption and retention. We lump design activities in with other critical activities (security, performance, architecture...). Design encompasses all the activities that allow us to create a functional and desirable experience. It will also contribute to the feeling of "meaning" to their actions that your employees experience.

Your expectations

  • To know more, to have a first level of acculturation; To better understand what it will bring you and to anticipate the possible difficulties
  • Know where you are in relation to an ideal to be reached; Identify what needs to be changed, where to start
  • Identify ways to improve in the short and medium term, locally or on a global scale
  • Have regular coaching on these topics, at different places in your organization
  • Benefit from a critical look at your products, their roadmaps and the adequacy with your strategy
  • Clarify your offers, address your targets more specifically, identify innovation opportunities, ...

How can Tasmane help you?

  • Diagnosis & Initialization: Acculturation / Maturity diagnostics / Scaled-up training and experimentation systems
  • Orga & Product Optimization: Operational model (roles, meeting points), product architecture reviews, roadmap reviews, OKR implementation
  • Accompaniment & Coaching: Individuals or teams, top management, middle management or operational posture. Find out more about our product mode training at this address
  • Reinforcement of practices: Clarify your offers, address your targets better and/or more specifically, broaden your targets/business opportunities, identify innovation avenues, map the pathways, formalize/simplify complex processes, create elements of vision, develop offers
Pierre-Julien Cazaux

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Pierre-Julien Cazaux
Expert Tasmane
I'm Pierre-Julien Cazaux, a Tasmane expert specializing in product management, agility, experience and digital product management.
On a daily basis, I draw on my experience to provide the teams I work with with pragmatic solutions that are compatible with their environment and their problems, but that allow them to collectively achieve a higher level of satisfaction for their users, their stakeholders and the teams themselves.
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