Audrey Leymarie

Audrey Leymarie


Who are you?

After a double degree in engineering and business school, I took advantage of an international experience at Cornell University in the United States.

This versatile profile allows me to carry out various missions, both on technical and strategic subjects.

Today, as Tasmane manager, I am also responsible for recruitment and organizational transformation.

Why are you here?

For Tasmane's DNA, which combines several strong values, including :

  • Excellence, which allows us to learn and grow every day from a wide range of experts
  • Benevolence, which ensures respect for each person's point of view as well as strong solidarity within the team
  • Customized consulting", the particularities of our approach to meet the needs of our clients, with a focus on co-construction and pragmatism

What doesn't show up on your resume?

My explorer side, which reflects the profile of the Tasmanian, curious and adventurous.

For example, I participated in an expedition of a few weeks in the Amazon with the indigenous people.

I also frequently go hiking on volcanoes, especially to observe and photograph eruptions...