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David Gelrubin

President / CEO

Who are you?

I am passionate about the development and transformation of companies, and I work operationally with executives on their strategic alignment processes, particularly digital, and on the management of major programs in an international context, as well as on strategic and marketing consulting missions. I am also the joyful animator of the tasmanian community and the first of the "inspirers" for our clients and our team.

Why are you here?

Only inspiring actions ultimately deliver value. For me, it's imagining new and original solutions, never seen before, that leaders thought were impossible to achieve. And it's finding original solutions together, with teams of brilliant Tasmane consultants, and client teams who are also co-authors of the solutions.

What doesn't show up on your resume?

A photo of my family, the foundation of my journey, my passport with stamps from my many trips and my half-marathon times.