Emmanuel De Valverde


Who are you?

An inquisitive person who was hooked on new technologies at a very early age and sensitive to the opportunities of a very digital world.

A professional who has worked in organizations of all sizes before joining the consulting industry, having seen and practiced many different management styles.

A partner who thrives on solving problems and developing an entrepreneurial project.

A lover of human encounters, convinced that the DNA of a company is the keystone of its success.

Why are you here?

Because being a consultant is an incredible opportunity to continuously learn and be useful to others.

Because being at Tasmane is an incredible opportunity to be part of an exciting entrepreneurial adventure.

Because our clients have incredible diversity and scope issues; and I get a kick out of teaming up with them to tackle them.

Finally, because I can be myself within the firm as well as with our clients: frank, free and (just a little) impertinent.

What doesn't show up on your resume?

My freedom of tone, my frankness and my loyalty in friendship as elsewhere.

My many passions more or less assumed.

My attachment to France and Spain, my two native countries.