Gaëlle Berbonde

Gaëlle Berbonde


Who are you?

A professional in management, digital transformation projects and above all organizational and cultural transformations.

I'm passionate about human relationships and the workings of the psyche, which led me to become a professional coach and soon an occupational psychologist.

They say about me : active, curious, energetic, delicate, direct, reliable, passionate, close-knit, sensitive, stable, lively

I say of myself: in perpetual reinvention!

Why are you here?

Because at Tasmane, people are at the heart!

Because my raison d'être is to contribute to the realization that in the workplace (as elsewhere), the human being is an end before being a means; and that the fluidity of relationships naturally leads to the fluidity of production.

Because the relational, emotional, bodily and mental fields are fertile ones for learning and development, at the heart of all professional and personal transformation... and in the face of the economic, technological, environmental and societal changes we are experiencing, there is much to be done...

Because I want to help make the company a place where people can grow and develop, rather than being a place of exhaustion.

What doesn't show up on your resume?

My passion for opera singing, my love of the Comédie-Française, my curiosity for science, my admiration for Marie Curie, my devouring taste for reading, my associative activities

A (large) part of my professional inspiration comes from observing and listening to the trade secrets of great artists (conductors, directors, actors, musicians)... who manage, live and bring to life collectives, teams, projects, extraordinary performances, and all this despite fatigue, pressure, complex budgetary equations, the complexity of institutions and politics...