Gaëtan Joudrier

Gaëtan Joudrier

Senior Consultant

Who are you?

After graduating from a business school, I joined Tasmane in 2021 to find what I was looking for above all else: to work in a human-sized company where we all really know each other.

Why are you here?

Tasmane's specific approach "All consultants, all Tasmane builders" was a major factor in my decision to join the firm. Indeed, beyond the high-level missions we carry out with the management of large groups, each Tasmanian is involved in the internal life of the company, in a field of his or her choice. For my part, I chose the Com Team, a dynamic team with a strong impact on Tasmane's visibility (internal and external events, social networks, conferences, webinars...), each member is free to propose new things, and to see them through. All this in a climate of trust and benevolence.

What doesn't show up on your resume?

I have always scribbled drawings on the papers I could find. Today I enjoy making digital illustrations on a tablet, while drawing when I feel like it. I am also a winter sports fan, especially freeride skiing. Finally, I like to spend convivial moments around the gastronomy, and that, at Tasmane, I find myself totally there!