Pierre Gédalge

Pierre Gédalge

Senior Partner

Who are you?

Partner of Tasmane (formerly partner of Fontaine Consultants since 2004). I consider myself, on the one hand, as a problem solver, those of our clients in a logic of providing contextualized solutions. On the other hand, I see myself as an entrepreneur who contributes to building a reference consulting firm over the years, able to offer a relevant and differentiating response to market needs.

Why are you here?

If it was by chance that, 14 years ago, I crossed paths with Fontaine Consultants (which became Tasmane in 2018), each year since then has strengthened my conviction in the relevance of our approach and our contribution to our clients. Representing an alternative that makes sense in the consulting world and maintaining this uniqueness is a daily driving force. The Tasmane adventure is an extension of this vocation, which is also an opportunity to continue to develop the talent that joins us while enriching ourselves through contact with their diverse profiles and experience (doctoral student, sociologist, innovation expert, IS consultant, etc.).

What doesn't show up on your resume?

My interest in art, especially contemporary art, gastronomy and watchmaking led me to create the WatchClubHEC which brings together HEC Paris alumni who are passionate about this subject.

Unfortunately, I rarely have the opportunity to discuss these topics with clients, as the meetings are already full of professional exchanges!