Cécile Delépine

Cécile Delépine


Who are you?

A graduate in political science and international rand International Relations from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, I "fell" a little by chance into the'when I returned to France.

After a short stint in an in an internet startup, I joined joined an office of'in European R&D project management and then I obtained a MS in international project managementnternational projects at the'ESCP Europe.

Since then, I have lived several lives: Supply chain and sales consultant, pre-sales and business engineer in ERP, BI and CRM integration in trade and industry.

In 2011, I pivoted to the international attractiveness of the innovation and digital sector of the Île-de-France region for 5 years and continued my career by developing the activity of a Canadian ESN specialized in free and open source software.

Before joining Tasmane in 2019, I trained in Lean Startup and joined a collective of entrepreneurs who help large companies innovate like startups and transform towards customer-centricity.

Why are you here?

I fell in love with it! From the very first moment I met the Tasmanians during my recruitment process. And every time a new recruit joins us, I say to myself "this person is brilliant, she has values that I share, we're going to do a good job together".

Today, I have the chance to express a wide range of skills and know-how in the public and private sectors. I have fun, I explore, I question, I create, I experiment, I accompany and I learn - a lot.

What doesn't show up on your resume?

I'm bubbling with energy: athlete, musician, single mother of 3. My life is an adventure at every moment 🙂