Information System Master Plan


Customer issues

Garance is a player specialized in personal insurance, created by and for craftsmen. It is now open to all professional and private customers and covers their personal insurance needs throughout their lives (Savings, Retirement, Provident, Health through a partnership with Solly Azar).
As part of the implementation of its new strategic plan, based on 6 axes, Garance called upon Tasmane to carry out the IS master plan.
Garance's ambition is to modernize and grow strongly, and Tasmane was asked to take into account its ambitions in terms of employee development, commercial efficiency and optimization of the digital customer journey and customer knowledge.

Key points

The SDSI was conducted in 3 parts:

  • Inventory: questionnaires and 18 interviews with the organization's main managers made it possible to draw up a list of 15 findings presented to the Executive Committee during a workshop.
  • Definition of the IS target: 24 thematic workshops with Garance employees led to the construction of the target scenario with its principles and orientations, shared and validated by a second workshop.
  • Project trajectory and budget: this last part consisted of a collaborative work with Garance to determine the priorities and budgeting of the multitude of projects to be implemented.


We delivered 3 key deliverables:

  • A global document that describes the IS orientations, the planning and the budget.
  • A synthetic document, like a managerial synthesis, for the management or any other actor to understand the next IS changes.
  • A document in spreadsheet form, with the macro costing, the implementation schedule and the effort of the various departments over the next 3 years before the budgetary prioritization of projects.
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