Support for the facilitation of workshops for the SPIE ICS management convention


Customer issues

In order to address the major changes in the IT market while avoiding the pitfalls of the current organization, SPIE ICS initiated an in-depth transformation process that had a wide-ranging impact on the company's various areas: culture, HR, organization, processes, tools, etc. Tasmane supported the management in this transformation project. First, the target organization was defined in collaboration with a Task Force composed of members of the Management Committee. Then, in a second phase, the organization and the offers were specified during workshops involving members of SPIE ICS' top management.

Key points

As part of this mission, SPIE ICS asked Tasmane to organize a management convention attended by 80 participants from various business units, with the aim of getting top management to take ownership of the project.

In collaboration with the members of the Task Force, the animation of the convention was built around the following objectives

  • Ensure understanding of the project by organizing time for knowledge sharing, reminding people of the key points of the project and collective discussion to validate the essential knowledge;
  • Organize times of co-construction and ideation in workshops, to complete the work in progress;
  • Allow time for discussion, so that fears and questions can be expressed and answered calmly;
  • Share motivations and highlight the positive points and benefits of the transformation.


Tasmane built the facilitation of the managerial convention by combining individual and collective progress, throughout the day's activities, in order to lead its participants towards the adoption of a new posture: the activities were organized in a precise sequence, articulated around the use of digital tools (Klaxoon) and co-construction techniques (World Café).

Tasmane's facilitation helped to bring the participants to a positive posture and to put them in motion. The restitution of the different workshops within a synthesis document brought a real added value by completing some of the remaining work and by bringing new concepts and ideas within the framework of this transformation project.

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