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Support for the reorganization / creation of the National ISD


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In November 2015, ACOSS's ISD launched the "ISD 2018" project, which aimed to bring together, within a single legal structure, all of the branch's IT specialists, historically divided into regional centers.

From January 2016 until March 2018, Tasmane accompanied the ACOSS IT Department on this project.

Key points and results

Tasmane made it possible to secure this large-scale project, particularly in the coordination of all the players (6 major projects and more than 73 contributors).

In addition to operational management support (structuring the roadmap, the project committee, monitoring the progress of projects, identifying risks and reporting alerts, etc.), Tasmane assisted the IT Department with

  • the elaboration of the target organization (legal structure, organization charts ...) ;
  • accompanying employees to the target organization, managing transfers and mobility;
  • the transformation of the ISD support function, in particular, the transition from a regional to a national organization;
  • Formalization and modeling of the major processes of the ISD's support functions;
  • communication about the site to employees;
  • Rationalization of the Production (in particular the centralization of the lodgings);
  • the transfer of the centers' employees into the ACOSS systems (authorizations, etc.).


  • The transfer of all staff from the regional centers to the national establishment without any pitfalls on 31/12/2017
  • The implementation of a new organization in Q1 2018
  • The migration of all the Branch's infrastructures to the Lyon and Toulouse Datacenters, as well as the creation of a National Production Center in Paris
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