Public Sector

New organization, governance, processes and dashboard of the agency


Context and customer issues

Ensure that the momentum observed in 2021 is maintained, driving the operational excellence approach. Define new operating methods for the remaining irritants.

Maintaining the momentum of operational excellence

  • To ensure the proper implementation of the new governance tools at the agency level
  • To ensure the implementation of the IS strategy
  • To ensure the implementation of a management dashboard with key indicators

Definition of new operating modes

  • To clarify the operating modes of processes/activities involving several Agency departments
  • To concretely define a delivery model that will allow the Agency to better control the run and evolution of its products

Supporting the evolution of the IS

The Tasmane approach

Ensure the continued transformation of the ANTS

  • Governance Review: Review interviews with directors and individual RCs, formalization and analysis of the governance situation, sharing of results and proposals for improvement with the ANTS CODIR
  • Implementation of a dashboard: Identification interviews and selection of indicators, identification of producers, interviews and data recovery, Finalization of the dashboard and presentation in CODIR

Optimize the operation of the Agency

  • Formalization of activities or processes of the Agency: Validation of the list of processes to be formalized and of the people to meet for each one during the CODIR, implementation of interviews on each process and formalization, presentation of the processes during the CODIR, closing workshop carried out in Charleville-Mézières
  • Define and validate the generic functioning in Product mode of the Agency: Interviews with the TES teams (10 interviews), formalization of the review of the TES organization and our recommendations, presentation of our recommendations on the organization of teams and work in projects

Supporting the evolution of the IS

  • Ensure the follow-up of the IS strategy: Update our 2021 recommendations and organize the steering of the IS strategy
  • Coaching for the DDT director

Impact for the customer

A support as close as possible to the need

Positioning the mission at the right level

  • Regular reporting of our work to the CODIR in order to initiate concrete actions

A listening ear throughout the mission allowing to constantly readjust the nature of the work

  • Reorientation of the issue of the transition to product mode towards work on sharing our beliefs on the organization of work in the specific context of the ANTS
  • Identification of critical issues related to an ongoing CICC audit with production of a complementary process study

Recommendations on the initial work of the governance have allowed for immediate pragmatic solutions to be put in place

  • Identification of key missing resources (PMO)
  • Creation of a new post form
  • Deployment of the use of tools adapted to the management of the agency (GED)

Support in the use of our deliverables

  • Dashboard: life cycle recommendation and analysis method
  • Processes: production of an analysis to raise issues following the formalization of processes
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