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Following the risk of an influenza pandemic in 2009, and in line with the findings of the report submitted in July 2010 by Dr. Pierre Mardegan, the General Directorate of Healthcare Services (DGOS) launched a plan to modernize the Samu, including a technological component. A modernization study conducted in 2012 and a feasibility study conducted in 2013 / 2014 have identified and qualified the opportunity of a single and shared solution for all Samu in France. The launch of the SI-Samu program was approved by the Minister of Health in 2014.

The objective of the SI-Samu program is to build a robust, reliable and efficient national solution that meets the business needs of the entire emergency medicine community, and to deploy this solution to the 102 Samu in metropolitan France and its overseas departments. In addition to its strategic dimension for the Ministry of Health, the SI-Samu program is one of the most important public programs in terms of size and budget in recent years. Tasmane has accompanied ASIP Santé in steering the program, since the beginning of 2016.

Key points

Tasmane's intervention covers the following sites and activities:

  • Strategic steering of the program (preparation and participation in committees with the DGOS, with the ARS, program committee with ASIP Santé management, etc.)
  • Operational management of the program
  • Implementation of the ASIP Santé quality management system in the program
  • Implementation of processes and management tools (budget, risks, dependencies, structuring of reports, etc.)
  • Definition of the program's comitology
  • Support for the implementation of the SAFe Framework (Scalable Agile Framework)
  • Management of work in connection with DINSIC (DINSIC referral, MAREVA study, Top 50 project reporting, etc.)
  • Coordination of actors on cross-cutting issues
  • Support for the Program Management on strategic issues (management of relations with manufacturers, preparation of major events, etc.)
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