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Program to build a common collection portal


Customer issues

Portailpro.gouv is a portal that offers companies a centralized view of the amounts due to the state, as well as related procedures: declarations, requests for rescript, simulators, messaging ...

To quickly build a first version of the portal, the architecture of the portal provides an SSO between portalpro and existing portals: impot.gouv, douane.gouv,,

By linking their accounts, users can access the data and services to which they were previously entitled

If a service is not directly available in portalpro, the seamless navigation allows access without re-authentication

This mode of integration is new for administrations, and presents a very complex phase of the program:

  • Strong security constraints and few open environments on the Internet to perform integration and acceptance
  • Operation out of project life cycles
  • Strong confidentiality constraints on real data and on the possibility of setting up fictitious data in production

Key points

A topic to start at the beginning of the program

Both with the transversal referents of each stakeholder, and with the operational actors:

  • Taxonomy: having the right map to collectively think about strategy
  • Ensure the completeness and consistency of the work of multiple stakeholders
  • Anticipate the tasks and the critical path on each of the underlying topics
  • To have a reference vision that allows the program to be managed on a daily basis
  • Create a coherent and cross-functional vision across functional areas and stakeholders

A taskforce approach to management

On integration, many small causes and unknowns contribute to large delays. It is not possible to anticipate all the difficulties encountered.

It is therefore necessary to know the constraints, dependencies, and to pilot this delicate phase in taskforce mode with all stakeholders.

The action plan is then composed according to the impact and the capacity to do: functional acceptance, load tests, work on the data sets, etc.


A phase that classically is the occasion to note the non-quality in the projects... and in this case, especially complex.

Contract with the different administrations on what is expected from them

The constraints, including very operational and technical ones, to be collected in a very proactive way

A big impact on the opening schedule, in the context of a very constrained and visible timeframe

Getting control over a very strong unknown of the program.

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