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The mission of the DNE (Direction du numérique pour l'éducation) is to drive and support the digital transformation of the education system, for the benefit of both the educational community and its employees. It is in this context that the DNE is launching a process involving all national, regional and local stakeholders (central administration departments, regional academies, public operators, local authorities, representatives of the EdTech sector, various associations, etc.) to encourage a collective dynamic for the co-construction of a strategic document on digital education. The objective is to bring together the entire ecosystem to develop a strategy that will serve as a common guide for the various trajectories.
This approach is based on the work carried out in recent years on the direction of digital education and has made it possible to synthesize the findings and develop a first version of proposals. Through consultation, the process was intended to complete them and put them into perspective, in order to arrive at a structured strategy for digital education over the period.
In this context, Tasmane was asked to assist the DNE management in :

  • Anchor the approach in the territories: by taking into account the territorial particularities and by relying on the expertise and know-how of the regions, the areas of competence and the local authorities
  • Ensure the effectiveness of the sessions by ensuring the proper preparation of materials and the dynamic facilitation of multi-stakeholder workshops
  • Create convergence by taking into account points of view by orienting the workshops on the co-construction of common solutions, based on common issues, while taking into account divergent interests.

Key points

The process was carried out in three phases:

  • An initial phase of listening and collecting general expectations bilaterally with the various stakeholders, which enabled a strategy to emerge along 4 main lines covering all the issues related to digital technology in the education sector
  • A second phase in the form of 2 rounds of thematic ideation workshops on the major themes of the strategy to bring out the operational objectives and proposals for action to concretize the orientations of the strategy (8 workshops, 15 people per workshop, remote format, multi-profile participants - State actors, local authorities, companies publishing soutions, public operators)
  • A national symposium (150 people, in person) to summarize and report on the results of the work to validate the main lines of the strategy and launch the process of developing operational roadmaps


Tasmane's intervention helped to revitalize the dialogue between the different actors of the ecosystem, to bring up several points of pain and innovative proposals and to instill a common and shared vision around the role of digital in Education and its contribution to the success of students.

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