Customer Data Governance


Customer issue

Through the TON'ICS project, SPIE ICS (a subsidiary of the SPIE Group dedicated to IT services) embarked on a major transformation of its offerings, its organization and its delivery processes. In this context, the deployment of the CRM tool SalesForce was central, with a view to strengthening the capture of customer information, sharing and transforming leads into business.

Key points of the mission

Tasmane intervened when customer data management was still a challenge for the teams (sales or not). Moreover, the governance of customer data was not established and aligned with the company's new strategic objectives.

The firm has implemented :

  • An inventory, covering operational and support functions
  • An inventory of customer data sources and operations.
  • Formalization of the entire customer data life cycle at SPIE-ICS, from the lead to contract management.


SPIE ICS was able to obtain:

  • An identification of the obstacles to the implementation of a Customer data governance, and of the value-bearing uses cases, inaccessible to date due to the lack of governance.
  • An adjustment of the Customer data management IS: SalesForce CRM, ERP back office, website, customer consolidation database corp.
  • A definition of the management target
  • A new governance of SPIE-ICS customer data, through the prisms: process, tools / IS, semantics (definition and concepts).
  • Identification of the resources needed to achieve this target: modification/impact of IS and tools, comitology/decision making, incentive and team training.

In the end, the management target was presented to the General Management in order to complete its ongoing ICS transformation process. Tasmane also contributed to the design of the communication elements / documents of the approach towards the operational teams.

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