Implementation of the Data Engineering Factory


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In 2017, data waś identified as one of the pillars of the Group's IS strategic plan (Data as an Enterprise Asset) and TOTAL's five-year ambition has since been to become a "Data-Centric" company. To this end, several initiatives have been created within the Group (Data Management, Data Squad or "data project incubator", Digital) and in the Divisions (IoT, inter-Branch Data Driven Asset Performance program) to promote the culture and value of data. To complement these cross-functional approaches, TGITS (TOTAL's cross-functional IT services branch) decided́ to create a Data Engineering Factory (DEF) in 2018 based on a virtual team and without organizational changes with a dual objective:

  • Support projects aimed at enhancing the value of the group's data.
  • Implement and operate group solutions, as well as provide the shared services required to exploit the data.

Key points

Tasmane accompanied TGITS in organizing the DEF entity and adapting its mode of operation in its ecosystem throughout 2018. Tasmane thus intervened on:

  • The organization of the DEF entity (activities, resource requirements, overlap with the Group's processes, inclusion in the existing governance)
  • Processing of business requests (structuring of request management, collection of needs and support for POCs & projects, response to requests by interfacing with the IT teams to be involved)
  • The animation of the Data Platform Group (Prioritization of the evolutions, animation of the roadmap, piloting of the realization, formalization of the activities and RACI for the run, installation of the catalog of the components and services, instruction of the specific subjects to be deepened (safety, architecture, connectors, automation?)


Tasmane has helped structure the DEF as an agile entity, recognized in the TGITS organization and legitimate in supporting projects to enhance the value of TOTAL data. The DEF contributes to the pedagogy around data in the group and has succeeded in breaking the regalian processes by working in iteration and in co-construction with the different actors (IS partners, suppliers, projects,...) and in providing the means to the branches to accelerate their innovations.

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