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Overhaul of drug, device and medical procedure reference systems and their management IS


Customer issues

Article L162-17-3-1 of the Social Security Act specifies that the CNAM is responsible for information systems relating to reimbursable health products on behalf of the CEPS (Comité Économique des Produits de Santé) and the Ministry of Health.

In an effort to rationalize, pool resources and improve performance, Cnam's Department of Coding and Medical Control (DCMM) has launched a project to overhaul the management systems for health products and services in order to :

  • To face the obsolescence of the CNAM tools called "CODAGE", dedicated to the management of reference data for health products and services,
  • Respond to the need to take over the IS corresponding to the Ministry of Health and the CEPS.

The project consisted of the study and implementation of two types of solutions:

  • A standard MDM, shared by the CNAM, the Ministry and the CEPS, for drugs and medical devices.
  • A content and exchange platform, ECM (Enterprise Content Management) type, intended to support the main business processes of the CEPS: application submission portal, workflow facilitating interactions between the players, EDM, file management, etc.

Key points

Tasmane's support consisted of :

  • The identification of improvements to be made and the definition of a general target,
  • The detailed formalization of this target (tools, processes and data) on a common perimeter CNAM and Ministry/CEPS,
  • The organization of a benchmark of ECM software solutions likely to meet the requirements expressed, and of two RFIs (software integrators) on MDM and ECM solutions.
  • Definition of target data and process models
  • Participation in the development of the target architecture defined with the IT department.


Tasmane's work helped align the players with the project's priorities and target, orient the IT department on the CNAM's MDM tooling, and finally launch a consultation for the CEPS to source an integrator and a solution that met their needs. In addition, the mission made it possible to anticipate certain activities before integration (target processes, data recovery, etc.).

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