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Reorganization of the teams in charge of published and broadcast data


Customer issues

The statistical and information professions are undergoing a major transformation, in particular due to new needs and modes of data consumption: increasingly strong integration of the visual/interactive and geographic dimensions, opening up of technological services (mass downloading, APIs), intensive use of metadata, etc.
INSEE is fully committed to this transformation, which is all the more necessary given the increased openness of data and competition from private players.
In this context, the Institute and its Direction de la Diffusion et de l'Action Régionale (DDAR) have asked themselves about the impact of these trends on their teams.

Key points of the mission

To do this, Tasmane was asked to provide external insight into the scope of the Department of Editorial Offerings (DOE) and the regional teams dedicated to dissemination, through :

  • An inventory: inventory of the trades operated on the broadcasting and an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the current organization
  • A job forecast: mapping of future broadcasting jobs taking into account short and medium term issues
  • Target organization design: choice of target organization and projection of future jobs in this new framework.


INSEE was thus able to obtain:

  • A proposal of target jobs in line with DOE's challenges and ecosystem trends: detailed job descriptions (activities & skills), interaction mapping
  • Three scenarios of target organization in relation to the challenges of Diffusion
  • A projection of a preferred scenario for the new businesses, and options for the geographical distribution of teams

This work allowed the Department of Editorial Offerings (DOE) to initiate the transformation: roadmap and action plan, implementation of change management, etc.

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